Photo Essay – “Drake University Makes Painted Street Black”

I filmed this video for a class focusing on journalistic video in Fall 2018, using a photo essay format to show the speeches given by student leaders of the #PaintItBlack movement at Drake, as well as showing the painting of the street itself.

Promotional – “Mom’s Meals Summer Internship Program”

I worked for three summers at Mom’s Meals, with two of those summers working in various departments across the company and the third being part of the company’s new internship college internship program. With my digital media background at Drake, I was asked to create a video promoting the internship program to other college students, displaying both the professional and collaborative benefits of working at that company.

“Drake University Street Painting 2019”

Throughout my time at Drake, I’ve worked with the Drake Broadcasting System to produce videos and work in the school’s TV studio for productions during the annual Relays. This was one package that I filmed and edited last year featuring the university’s annual street painting event,


DU Bands Media & Marketing, Fall 2019